My name is Nimah. Full name: Nimah S. Koussa. I am 23 years old and currently a medical student, website content writer and now, apparently, a committed blogger and fitness enthusiast. So why did I start this blog? How did 84to55.com come to exist?

It all started in October 2012. I started to eat a lot and I just could not stop. At the time, I weighed 57 kg (126 lbs.) and I watched the lbs. and kg pile up. 57kg became 60 then 65 then 70 and all the while, I would see how much damage I was doing to my body but I just could not find the commitment and willpower to do something about it. Soon enough, I started to binge-eat and there was no coming back from that. My weight escalated all the way to 85 kg (187 lbs.) in December 2013.

That’s when I decided: Enough is enough. It hit me that I am 23 years old and at this rate, I will hardly make it to 50, not to mention the health complications I would no doubt develop if I were to keep going that way. So I decided to lose weight and by lose weight, I don’t mean lose 10 kg (22 lbs.) until I looked fair or until I wasn’t borderline obese anymore. By lose weight, I mean get the ultimate body.

See, I think I look fair (when I don’t have a triple chin) and I could be so much more than I am right now. I have been living a life far below my potential and I am not okay with doing that anymore. This is my time to look good and feel good and shine. Instead, I am wasting myself away. That’s got to stop, right? I need to make my life count. You only get one shot at this thing.

So I decided to lose weight. Now, about the blog, you see, I noticed and realized that you see amazing transformations (in particular female transformations) everywhere on the web whether we are talking about Facebook or Twitter or Bodybuilding.com but the only available information would be:

  • The story behind (why they did it)
  • Pictures (before and after)
  • Stats (before and after)
  • One typical meal plan
  • How they did it (workout and stuff)

But here is the thing though. No one tells you how they struggled to commit to healthy eating in the beginning; how they resisted temptation; how they dealt with bad gym days or how they improved at the gym from one week to the next. If you weigh, for example, 80 kg (176 lbs.) and you haven’t been to the gym ever or in a very long time, it is, I THINK, almost impossible to do cardio for one hour on the first day, let alone everyday for the first week. I mean, I am 5 weeks in and my max cardio time is 40 minutes. And definitely no one eats smoked salmon everyday for a year. A typical meal plan is great but it’s not much help, is it?

So I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to do a day-to-day count of my weight loss story including what I was eating, what I was doing at the gym, how I was feeling and how I dealt with temptation, disappointment and sometimes depression. And that’s how 84to55.com was born!

I am committed to this blog and my weight loss and I hope that through this blog, I would be able to help someone somewhere in this world with his or her weight loss.

And now, some acknowledgments.

First and foremost, everything I know about weight loss, about fitness and about blogging, I learnt from Vimal. I will never be able to thank him enough for everything he taught me and for all the support and help that he’s given me over the years. This website and quite possibly losing weight would not have been possible had he not been there with me every step of the way. So a BIG thank you Vimal, for everything. I hope when I hit 55 kg, you’ll be proud of me and not feel like I wasted hours of your life.


Secondly, I think I need to mention my mom. Poor thing, there was a time there when she was losing sleep over how big and fat I was getting. She has been the constant nagging voice in my head telling me I look horrible and I need to lose weight and I think in the end, it paid off because she is definitely a big part of why I realized I need to stop putting on weight and actually start losing all the kg I have been piling on. So yeah, mom, laughing at me and making fun of me was probably not the best way to go about things but thank you. It helped.


And finally, I’d like to thank my best friends here at school who obviously see me very often and they have been so much help when it comes to keeping me on track. See, they would ask me, every single week or every time they talk to me or see me: “So how much do you weigh now?” And sometimes, I swear, when I want to skip gym or eat out or buy a cookie, this is what helps me to not derail: Knowing that I will have to answer that question and I don’t want to disappoint them. So thank you Jillo. You’re awesome. Thank you Radhika for being such an amazing friend and always pushing me to keep going. And Neel. Thank you for being there and constantly telling me I can do it.

From left to right: Neel, Radhika, Jillo
From left to right: Neel, Radhika, Jillo

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  1. I think your transformation was truly inspiring. I am currently 84kg/185lbs and Im only 19. I am truly failing to see a change. so many people were calling me fat (well…. ever since I was little I’ve been called fat) but it got so intense that I’m forcing myself to be more active, eat better and come to terms with the fact that my body will never be a size 5 & thats still beautiful.
    people have this stupid image of weight loss…! that its so incredibly easy to lose weight and if you dont you are just lazy and that just adds to my depression since Im failing to lose weight. I love your blog and all your objectives! You look amazing and you have become a true & Genuine weight loss idol for me.

    1. Hello

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’ve always had pictures of big-shot celebrities in my head when thinking about the word “idol”. Being called that feels…warm. Thank you :)

      And yes, 1st thing is to accept that you can’t change your genes (and you’ve done that already!).

      You’re right. People judge. The thing is, weight loss IS simple. But it’s not easy. People don’t know the difference.

      Depression? Don’t let what people say get to you. Depression can impair your weight loss too! Damn vicious circle, I know.

      I’m glad that my blog is an inspiration to you :)

      Remember… It’s okay to take it slow :)


  2. hi
    how you lost your 4 kg weight in first week???
    i started going for the gym on dec 17 .
    7 weeks over but one change in my size and weight.
    i am 173 cm height and my body measurement is 36- 30- 39 (bust waist hip)
    my weight is 65 kg ??
    can you give me any suggestion for dis???

    can you give your mail-id so that i can give my lastest photo to you

  3. Hi my name is hanaa and l really need some help losing pre pregnancy weight .am 70 kg I want to go back 55 kg how I was am only 24 and the was problem is even after having 2 beautiful girl still not happy with my body. Please advise. Thank u

  4. hey!! today m exactly a medical student like u…weighing 84kgs.. 1.68 as my height…n i have bookmarked ur page n m gonna be doing the same thing like u…m already on a 1200 calorie diet since 3 days..n now m gonna start wit cardio…ur sooo inspirational…n exactly wat i wanted to see…my target is also 55 kgs..!!

    i love u!
    ur awesome!!
    glad i came across ur page!!

  5. Hi Nimah.

    I randomly stumbled across this blog. I too have been losing weight and strangely enough we are on the exact same page when it comes to how much we weigh/weighed/want to weigh. I use to be 81 kilos however I was never that large, I got a full time job and started to stack on the weight and, just like your mother my mother was also the one to constantly inform me (in a caring way of course) about my weight issues.

    Weight loss is the worlds biggest journey because there are ups and downs CONSTANTLY. That is how I have come across your blog, I literally typed into google “people who weigh 80kg weightloss story” I have been having trouble finding the motivation to push myself harder at the gym. I have the motivation to go but not to push myself like I use to. I am currently weighing at 69 – 70 kilos and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get down to 55 – 60 kilos. I have recently gotten a boyfriend so I am also finding it extremely hard to eat well on the weekends. I think that it my biggest downfall at the moment, the weekends. Because I can easily lose the weight in the middle of the week and then put it all on again during the weekend.

    I really don’t know what the purpose of my post was here but more so to say that I am glad i have found someone with such similar issues/mountains to climb/challenges to take on. I constantly look for that continuing motivation to make sure I don’t lose it but at the end of the day I am still coming to terms with the fact that I need to make this a lifestyle not a “diet”

    I am not sure when the last time you updated this blog but I hope you are doing just as well as when you started.

    Thank you,

    Larissa :)

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