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Sometime in August or it might have been late July (I’m not too sure), I got this email. And it was at the same time funny and a little sad. Funny because the content was just quality and sad because I realised I’ve been away from this blog for so long, in some ways, I let down a lot of people.

Sure at the time I thought this blog was something I was doing because I had the time and inclination and obviously, when these factors (and circumstances) changed, I didn’t think I was accountable. But in retrospect I think I was. I started something here that I should have taken a little more seriously perhaps. Anyway, I kind of deserved a message like that. Quite literally, I disappeared.

So… I’m not going to mention names, obviously, but this was the message.


And to the person who sent this comment my way…

not dead

And as far as I can tell, not pregnant either   😉

I apologise for being MIA for 3 months. But this blog is getting revived and I’m going to see this journey through albeit the fact that I am terribly late on schedule and I completely violated my original plan, which was to get the perfect body by summer.

The explaining

So the last time I updated this blog was the first week of June. That’s the last week I did any sort of serious dieting and/or serious working out. This explains why I stopped updating the blog. See the plan was to take a week off because I was just tired. I couldn’t handle that routine anymore. It was supposed to be a one-week break that turned into 2 weeks and then 3 weeks.

By the end of June, I was back in London and summer had started. Obviously, when you’re home and in London, there is A LOT that can tempt you. First off, mummy cooks amazing food that I can only have a couple of times a year (which makes it hard to pass on them). Secondly, London’s just one of those places you know. You always end up going out and you always end up eating crap. So first week of July didn’t bring any changes. Then off I went to Mauritius for 7 weeks.

My biggest mistake (and biggest regret) is that because weight loss was going so well, I thought I could slow down. I thought I could slack a little. I thought I had the time.

I misjudged!


I thought my resolve was, by then, strong enough to resist temptation. I thought myself to be capable of doing what needs to be done despite other people having amazing food around me. I overestimated myself and that was a huge mistake.

I should have hit 55 kg before taking that flight to London. From then on, everything went downhill. My weight went up and down…mostly up. As it would happen if you eat whatever, whenever! I know your first reaction will be that the weight bounced back. Because I lost it so quickly in the first place! That’s what I’ve been hearing all summer.

Common misconception! And here is why.

Weight once lost (and I’m not talking about a temporary decrease in the number you see on your weight scale because you starved yourself for 3 days or you took a strong laxative) is not going to magically reappear unless you mess up. Calories once burnt are burnt! If you created a calorie deficit for a month and lost weight as a result of that, those kilograms you lost will not “bounce back”. But if after a month of creating a calorie deficit, you feast on burgers and chocolates or whatever else that you’ve been depriving yourself of, you will put on weight. As would any person who overeats for a prolonged period of time.

So weight bouncing back is not what happened here. I messed up! That’s what happened.

Which also goes to prove another point. Losing weight is one thing. Maintaining a certain weight is another. Eating healthy and cardio will make you lose weight in no time (unless you have a pre-existing medical condition). Like you’ve seen on this blog! This however does not make you God. This does not make you untouchable. This does not mean that you crossed some kind of finished line and nothing bad will ever happen again.

If you don’t maintain your weight once you reach a certain number with clean eating and some form of physical exercise (so, calories in > calories out), you will put on weight. It’s simple math. Which I knew about but I somehow decided to ignore. Genius me!

But I’m back on track now. This is going to happen. I messed up. Realising it is Step 1. Doing something about it is Step 2. And sticking to it this time is Step 3.

With that said, although I can’t completely account for the last 3 months, I can give you a sneak peak into my summer. Though I was very far from my target weight, I had a good time. Loads of laughter, loads of fun, loads of food and loads of love! I regret the messed up weight loss journey but it was a good summer.


So, according to my analytics software (Google Analytics), loads of people who read this blog are from Mauritius. But for the rest of you people, I think I should start this section with a map so you can, from here on, pinpoint where Mauritius is on any world map or globe.

This is Mauritius…


Note that it’s nowhere near the same thing as Maldives or Madagascar. Not even close!

(And in case you’re wondering… No, I’m not spying on you people…   😉 😉 Google Analytics only tells me things like where you guys are from, not who you are specifically).

The place

Mauritius beaches
The beaches
Coloured earth
mauritius 1

But it’s not all beaches and waterfalls

Swimming with dolphins
zip line
Zip Line
Walking with lions
Walking with the Big Cats

The food

American diner
food 2
Sizzling chicken
food 1
Mojitos & Daiquiris

My people

my people 3

my people 1

my people 2

my people 4

And me 😉

me 1
Out in open water
me 2
Dressed up for a wedding

So if I didn’t reach my target weight, you can roughly tell why. I was too busy having fun. Having fun and weight loss/toning up DO NOT match. Ask me!

But that’s not to say that I did nothing over summer. Which is probably why I didn’t once again go all the way up to 85 kg (187 lbs.). Trust me, I have the potential. 😛 😛 I was doing some mild dieting and cardio. Nothing like I should have done though. It was about doing what I can, when I can, if I want to.

And this is me right now.


Current weight: 65 kg (143 lbs.). Got a lot of work to do. And this is Week 1. I think I’m calling this Season 2   😉 😉 Season 1 saw me go from 84.2 kg (186 lbs.) to 57 kg (126 lbs.) and go back up to 65 kg (143 lbs.). Season 2 will, fingers crossed, see me go from 65 kg (143 lbs.) to 55 kg (121 lbs.) and get all toned up.

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