Week 2, Day 7

And Week 2 is DONE!! I SURVIVED!!


This feels good. And tomorrow when I see the numbers on my weight scale, I am sure it will feel even more so. Till then, fingers crossed!

Meals of the day

Meal 1: Chicken curry (leftovers) and 2 slices of brown bread

Snack: Yoghurt (by now you know the drill: low fat, low calorie), 1 apple, 1 kiwi

Meal 2: Chicken salad (again leftovers from yesterday)


Rest day! From now on, I will workout Monday to Saturday and take Sunday off. I think (and feel that) I regained much of my fitness back and I can now do it.

Week 2, Day 6

Today I woke up with this incredible craving for a home-cooked meal. And I think that’s totally understandable. I did just complete a 3-day fruit detox diet, which was nice (don’t get me wrong) but BRUTAL.

So I woke up and after doing my house chores and getting some studying done, I cooked rice and chicken curry (Indian-style). For the rice, what I do with it is that I boil it in excess water until it’s cooked and I then drain the excess water, effectively removing much of the starch content of the staple food.

Meals of the day

Meal 1: Rice and chicken curry

Snack: Yoghurt, quarter of a Honeydew melon

Meal 2: Chicken salad (with lettuce, carrots, peppers, grilled chicken and one boiled egg; no dressing)



10 minutes steady rate cardio at speed 8.0 followed by HIIT at speeds 10.0-11.0 (sprinting speed) and 5.7 (walking speed).


Week 2, Day 5


3-day fruit detox diet  ✔


This feels amazing. I feel refreshed and healthy and almost virtuous, although that makes no sense at all but I feel what I feel; Can’t always control such things. So yeah, that was my first successful fruit detox diet in over a year. I couldn’t be happier right now.

Meals of the day

Meal 1: 1 apple, 1 plum, quarter of a Honeydew melon, 1 banana

Meal 2: 1 carrot, 5 strawberries, 1 orange, 2 kiwis, 5 grapes

Water: 2L


Steady-rate cardio for the first 10 minutes at speed 8.0 followed by 20 minutes HIIT at speeds 5.7 (walking speed) and 10.0-10.5 (sprinting speed).

Week 2, Day 4

So today is Day 2 of my 3-day fruit detox diet. I have to say…it’s going better than I anticipated. I always have issues sticking to a fruit detox diet because past Day 1, I really start craving warm meals. Not that I didn’t today but I managed better than I did for the last 1.5 years. **Feeling proud**

Meals of the day

Meal 1: 8 grapes, 1 apple, 1 plum, quarter of a Honeydew melon

Meal 2: 1 banana, 1 carrot, 1 mango, 5 strawberries

Water: 2L



10 minutes steady-rate cardio at speed 8.0 followed by 20 minutes HIIT at speeds 5.7 (walking speed) and 10.0-10.5 (sprinting speed).

Week 2, Day 3

I am sick of eating tuna. I think I need a break, don’t you?

No, I’m kidding. I am not sick of eating tuna and brown bread, not yet anyway. It’s tasty, it’s easy and it’s quick. But I am going to be taking a break from it. In fact, I will be taking a break from all that I have been eating lately and for the next 3 days, I will do what is called a fruit detox diet.

Actually, like fasting, there are different “versions” or “styles” of the fruit detox diet. Some add in protein, others allow juice, others have specific meal times and portions, etc. I’m doing my own version of it that I found to work really well for me.

The theory: A fruit detox diet (my version) involves drinking loads of water and eating only fruits (or/and vegetables) for 3 consecutive days. Any combination of fruit any number of times will do. This is an amazing technique to both lose weight and detoxify your body. For the foreseeable future, I will do this every 2 weeks.

So food wise, today I had:

Meal 1: 1 mango, 1 apple, 8 grapes, 1 plum

Meal 2: 1 orange, 1 carrot, 1 apple, 1 plum, 1 banana



Rest day! For now, until I get my fitness back, I will take a rest day every 4 days instead of the usual structure of working out Monday-Saturday and taking Sunday off.