Rome Day 1 | Week 5, Day 1

I’M HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah!!!! Finally…

It was a good first day. I landed at Fiumicino Airport at 12 30 and made it to the hotel by 15 00. So really speaking, I only had half a day here today but it was so cool. I took the metro to The Spanish Steps. Walked from there through Via del Corso to Trevi Fountain. Had dinner somewhere along the way and gelato.

So this was my map today 😉 😉


I think I’m going to love this place so much by Saturday!

Rome 1

Meals of the day

Before we talk about food, I think I need to mention that I have a strategy for being able to enjoy the food here without putting on weight. Actually I intend to lose a couple of pounds if I can swing it. What I have in mind is that I’ll only have ONE meal everyday. This way, I can eat the things I want to and not put on weight. Technically, I’ll be fasting for 20-ish hours everyday and breaking the fasts with a “normal” meal. I might even throw dessert in every now and then, like I did today. Gym is obviously not going to happen.

I know it doesn’t sound healthy but really speaking, think about it, do I have a choice? Not really right? I can’t have salads while on holiday in Rome! Well, technically and in theory, I can. Realistically though, not so much..

So after fasting for 24 hours today, I had fettuccine with porcini mushrooms. I also had gelato for dessert. Chocolate and strawberry.

week 5, day 1

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