Rome Day 3 | Week 5, Day 3

Okay the title is a little misleading. I wasn’t actually in Rome today! First thing in the morning (so at 06 30), I took a train to Bologna, the largest city of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy and a rail junction connecting Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice.


It’s also the starting point for getting to the city of Modena (home to the Museo Enzo Ferrari) and the town of Maranello just outside Modena (home to the Museo Ferrari, the famous Fiorano test track and the factory where every Ferrari is made). See today I decided to give Rome a break and visit the Ferrari Museums. I say museums with an “s” because there are two of them.


It was so cool!

The Museo Enzo Ferrari

Museo Enzo Ferrari

A space dedicated to Enzo Ferrari more than an actual museum, the Museo Enzo Ferrari is a fascinating, futuristic workshop where you can get acquainted with Enzo Ferrari’s incredible life story spanning 90 years. Current exhibitions at the museum include:

1. Maserati 100, an exhibition dedicated to Maserati’s 100 years.

Maserati 100

2. Enzo Ferrari in the time machine.


The exhibitions at the Ferrari museums (both in Modena and Maranello) are apparently cycled periodically. When I got home tonight, I googled some of the past exhibitions and I think the ones that are on right now are so awesome. Because of the special Maserati exhibition, I was able to compare and contrast the most famous Ferraris and Maseratis of each era. And at the Museo Ferrari as well, the exhibitions that are on right now are really good.

The Museo Ferrari

Museo Ferrari

In contrast to the Museo Enzo Ferrari, the Museo Ferrari in Maranello focuses on Ferrari’s present and future, whilst remaining deeply rooted in the Prancing Horse’s extraordinary history. A permanent exhibition is dedicated to Formula 1 and the World Championship flanked by five other rooms that host themed exhibitions.


The museum also houses a screening room where themed films are screened on a loop, Formula 1 simulators and a large Ferrari Store. Current exhibitions at the museum include:

1. Racing, with the Formula 1, sport and GT cars that raced and won on American tracks

2. The great Los Angeles where the most fascinating Ferrari cars of all times are gathered under one roof

3. The magic of Ferrari’s technology including the unparalleled “LaFerrari”


Allestimenti, Mostra, Ferrari, California, Dream, Maranello

So… Yeah! See what I mean by it was so cool?  😛 😛 😛


Today was a day I’m going to remember for a very long time. Oh did I mention that right outside the Museo Ferrari, there is a rental company where you can test drive Ferraris and Lamborghinis?  Yep, that’s right. You can test drive:

– The Ferrari F430 Spider
– Ferrari California
– Ferrari F458 Italia
– Ferrari F430 Scuderia
– Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera
– Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
– Lamborghini Aventador LP-700/4
– Ferrari 430 Challenge
– Ferrari 458 Speciale


By 14 30, I was done with everything in Modena and Maranello. I took the train back to Bologna and walked around the city. Mostly I was in the city center going through the shops there. And having street pizza.

Meals of the day

“Street” pizza  😉 😉 😉 2 squares!

Street pizza

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