Week 1, Day 5

So it’s Friday. I’m almost at the end of Week 1 and I have to say, things are really going well. Maybe I’m tired of this extra weight or maybe I’m subconsciously really bummed about being this size once again but I’m telling you, even the most amazing chocolate cake on planet Earth with a side of Häagen-Dazs will not be able to tempt me right now. I’m just so motivated to drop the kilos as quickly as I can. And for as long as this feeling lasts, I plan to fully exploit it. You know, before stupid food cravings creep their way into my head and make things hard for me.

Meals of the day

Meal 1: Sardines with 2 bread rolls (at 16 00)

Snack: 2 low-fat, low-calorie yoghurt, 10 grapes (at 18 00)

Meal 2: 2 chicken ham sandwiches (at 21 00)

week1, day5

Yeah, I burned the bread a little.  😛 😛 On the bright side, it was extra crispy. Just the way I like it!


Steady rate cardio for 30 minutes at speed 8.5.

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