Week 1, Day 5

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day. I had a great one this year. I thought it would suck on account that I didn’t have a valentine this year but thank God for friends, right?

So, today was another fasting day for me, like I mentioned before and I broke my 48-hour fast with this incredible Subway dinner. I had a footlong sub, not the 6 inch one, the point here being that if you plan on eating out or indulging in a normal meal, you might as well do it all the way. Obviously though, you can’t go crazy either. I mean, my friends with whom I had my dinner date brought cake and although it was so good that I would have liked to just eat the whole thing, I stuck to one serving, a relatively normal-sized serving but I did have a footlong sub (when I could have had the 6 inch one) and I did have coke and sprite and apple juice to go with it.

Right then, so what I ate and drank today looks like this:

  1. A footlong sub (with cheese, Chipotle Southwest Sauce, the whole shebang)
  2. 0.5 L Sprite, 0.25 L coke and 0.25 L apple juice
  3. Cake (A regular serving)
  4. 1.0 L water


This was my first normal/unhealthy meal since I started weight loss. I think while having it, I was feeling more guilty than happy. That’s how you know, you are ready for this journey: When your body physically rejects unhealthy food.


As for what I did at the gym today, I didn’t go. I was 36 hours in my fast at the time I woke up so I made today my rest day. Ideally though, I should workout Monday-Saturday and take Sunday off. And this is what I will do every other week that I don’t have something lined up in terms of event.

Note that if you fast for 24 hours, you can totally go to the gym. I do. It won’t be a problem. BUT, past 36 hours of fasting, I tend to feel a little weak and I’d rather not push myself too hard, especially since this is Week 1.

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