Week 10, Day 3

And it’s time for a 3-day fruit detox diet. Today was Day 1 so things went well. Tomorrow and day after tomorrow will no doubt be a different story when the craving for warm food kicks in. But you know what? I think this fruit detox diet will prove to be my easiest so far. Why? Because I survived 12 days on protein shakes and chicken salad! You can’t beat that diet as far as painful diets go. On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a solid ten to the tenth power. So in the next two days, whenever I feel like bitching about doing a fruit detox diet, I’ll just remember those 12 days and count my blessings that at least I am having fruits and not whey protein…

With that said, I want to explain why I am doing a fruit detox diet until my trip to Turkey. The thing is, when you do a fruit detox diet, it doesn’t just detoxify your body and help with weight loss. You also feel the effect of that diet for days after. For a start, immediately after a fruit detox diet, your appetite shrinks. Secondly, your response and tolerance to oily and sweet foods change. You won’t be able to handle too much oil or sugar. These foods will actually not even appeal to you. And I’m thinking, these two things put together will largely help me keep my diet in check while I’m on vacation. I won’t be dieting while in Istanbul but I am definitely not overindulging either.

So there’s the reason for my sudden decision to get a fruit detox diet in before my trip.

Meals of the day

Meal 1: 1 mango, watermelon (1 wedge), 1 apple, 10 grapes

Meal 2: 1 carrot, 1 apple, watermelon (1 wedge), 5 strawberries

Water: 2L


Steady rate cardio at speed 9.0 for 10 minutes followed by HIIT for the next 20 minutes at speeds 5.7 and 11.0-13.0.

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