Week 2, Day 2

I knew this was coming. My first bad gym day! I hate those. Here is what happened: As usual, come 15 45, I went to the gym only that as soon as I hit the treadmill, my lower leg started hurting – hurting, not as in physical pain you would associate with pulling a muscle but pain you would think originates from an extreme build up of lactic acid. It also did not help that I felt weak and physically incapable of going on. I didn’t last 5 minutes on the treadmill. I decided to slow down and walk for a while. After 3 minutes, I tried running again. This time I hardly lasted 3 minutes.


I had half a mind to take the day off but I didn’t. Instead I rested for a while and stretched doing two cycles of the following 3 stretch exercises (60 seconds per leg for each exercise, then repeat).

Pictures from GirlsHealth.gov

Then I got back on the treadmill and IT WORKED!! So, although my gym day started badly, I believe I salvaged what I could.

Ok then, let’s talk food.

Meal 1: Tuna and 1 slice of brown bread (at 17 00)

Snack: Milk (1 glass with vanilla essence), 1 mango, 3 strawberries (at 19 30)

Meal 2: Boiled vegetables and egg salad (1 serving) (at 22 00)



Not taking into account the initial 5 minutes I ran on the treadmill and the subsequently 3 minutes, I did 10 minutes steady rate cardio at speed 8.0 followed by 10 minutes HIIT at speeds 5.7 (walking speed) and 10.2 (sprinting speed), finishing off with another 5 minutes steady rate cardio at speed 8.0.


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