Week 2, Day 6

Today I woke up with this incredible craving for a home-cooked meal. And I think that’s totally understandable. I did just complete a 3-day fruit detox diet, which was nice (don’t get me wrong) but BRUTAL.

So I woke up and after doing my house chores and getting some studying done, I cooked rice and chicken curry (Indian-style). For the rice, what I do with it is that I boil it in excess water until it’s cooked and I then drain the excess water, effectively removing much of the starch content of the staple food.

Meals of the day

Meal 1: Rice and chicken curry

Snack: Yoghurt, quarter of a Honeydew melon

Meal 2: Chicken salad (with lettuce, carrots, peppers, grilled chicken and one boiled egg; no dressing)



10 minutes steady rate cardio at speed 8.0 followed by HIIT at speeds 10.0-11.0 (sprinting speed) and 5.7 (walking speed).


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