Week 3, Day 4

God, I am starving! But it will all pay off tomorrow when I’ll get to eat whatever I want without guilt. I really can’t wait. Also, I bought this dress a couple of days back, for the party on Friday. It’s a UK size 12 because I am not currently fitting in any of my size 10 clothes. It got delivered today and guess what? IT FITS!! And I look nice in it, I THINK. That felt awesome because for quite some time now, I haven’t been able to fit even in size 12 clothes.

Meals of the day

Well, I didn’t eat. But I did have 2L of water and one 0.5 L Coke ZERO. That’s right! While I would not actively recommend diet fizzy drinks to go with your meals everyday, when you’re fasting, it’s allowed because the point is to not ingest anything with calories in it and that includes water, green tea, coffee and diet drinks.



10 minutes steady rate cardio at speed 7.5 followed by HIIT for the next 20 minutes at speeds 10.0-11.0 (sprinting speed) and 5.7 (walking speed). You will notice that I decreased my cardio intensity today. The reason for this is that I was 24 hours into my fast when I went to the gym and I didn’t want to push myself too hard.

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