Week 3, Day 5

Tonight was AWESOME. I had one of the best times of my life. It was fun and crazy and just really REALLY nice. There was Subway and Doritos and cookies (3 different kinds), candies and drinks. It was almost orgasmic to have normal food again and crisp and chocolate.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s only been two weeks since I last had Subway on Valentine’s Day. But I swear it felt longer than that. And definitely the last time I had chocolate, cookies or crisp was over 3 weeks ago.

Meals of the day

Instead of telling you what I had, why don’t I just show you.


Although, I have to mention this: I think my stomach shrunk a lot over the last 3 weeks of healthy eating. Today I could barely finish a 6-inch sub. After that, I had one Ferrero Rocher, one cookie and one and a half pack of Doritos. And I was done. I could not eat more.  I also kept how much fizzy drink I was having in check.


10 minutes steady rate cardio at speed 8.0 followed by 10 minutes HIIT at speed 10.5 (sprinting speed) and 5.7 (walking speed).

And finally..

At this point, I’d really like to make a mention of my friends. Whenever we hang out, it’s always so much fun; Tonight more so than normally,**wink wink**. So thank you guys. You’re the best!


P.S According to my friends, it’s obvious I lost weight. So 3 weeks in and people are already seeing a difference in the way I look. That’s serious motivation right there!

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