Week 5, Day 6

So I’m home. I feel depressed.  :( :( :(

Rome was so amazing, getting back to salads and tuna and grilled chicken is going to be hard. But that’s what a trip is all about right? For a couple of days, you forget everything and just unwind. Then it’s back to real life. My flight was at 12 25 so really speaking, I didn’t do much today. I just woke up, checked out and got to the airport. After 2 hours in a plane and 2 hours in a train, I got home.

And that’s pretty much everything! Oh and I had my last slice of real Italian pizza at the airport. And a cannoli!


Ok fine, it wasn’t your standard “slice” of pizza but hey…still a slice! 😛 😛 😛

Meals of the day

1 “slice” of Margherita pizza, 1 cannoli and a cappuccino (they were only selling the cannoli in twos so I had one and trashed one).


2 thoughts on “Week 5, Day 6

  1. Hi, fantastic progress; I’m so motivated after stumbling upon your blog – you are a fantastic inspiration. Just a question for you, why do you have your meals so late in the day? Do you do night shift or something? (asking because I am also a shift worker and looking to lose 20 kgs)

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