Week 8, Day 1

[Damn! I’m late for posting again! Sorry. I wrote the post yesterday but I didn’t have time to crop and adjust the pictures. Just did that now. I’m setting the date to Monday March 31, though it’s actually April 01  so people who are reading the blog in a chronological order don’t get confused.]

So, it’s Week 8!!!

Time really flies, huh. I completed 7 weeks of weight loss. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs but the point is: I made it this far. In the beginning, I estimated that it would take me anywhere between 10-14 weeks to lose all my weight. So technically, I am halfway there, week wise anyway. I have another 12.4 kg to lose and it’s probably going to get a little challenging from here on. I need to somehow not hit a plateau.

Also I started weight training (different from circuit training) today. So in the coming weeks, I will be losing fat but at the same time, I will be toning up. This will probably slow down the rate at which I see the numbers drop on my weight scale but physically, I will be looking better and better.

We’ll talk about weight training in more details shortly but first, as of this morning, I now weigh 67.4 kg. That’s 2.1 kg down from last week and I am definitely happy about this but I think, this week, to be honest, I am a lot more excited about the fact that, at this rate, I will totally hit 61 kg by April 19. It’s a really achievable goal. And it’s only going to help that I am changing everything up for the next 3 weeks, optimising my body as much as possible for my trip.


So yeah, like I mentioned on Saturday, for the next 2 weeks, I am doing Rusty Moore’s Rapid Fat Loss Diet Plan. I talked about this already and I also gave a brief outline of the diet together with links to useful external resources. I am not going to go into that again. So quickly then:

Meals of the day

Meal 1: 1 scoop of whey protein and a multivitamin (at 10 30)

Meal 2: 1 scoop of whey protein and a multivitamin (at 13 30)

Meal 3: Chicken salad prepared with farfalle, vegetables, mushrooms and grilled chicken (at 19 00)


Here is the thing: I was supposed to start weight training to optimise my frame when I hit 65 kg. So the plan was to lose most of my body fat with diet and cardio (also circuit training) and then gain muscle. I am at 67.4 kg right now. Ideally, I want to lose the extra 2.4 kg before I start working with weights but I think that 3 weeks of weight training before Turkey will really help me with what I want to do, which is to optimise my body as much as I can by April 19.


Cardio remains my priority. And diet! So here is what I am thinking of doing at the gym for the next 3 weeks:

Low intensity cardio for 30 minutes before weight training followed by some high intensity interval cardio after.

I think weight training combined with this strategic cardio routine will really help me burn the calories, lose more body fat and get a better frame.

With that said, for muscle gain, I am going to go with Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact for Women.

My new gym routine

Day 1: Back, chest, abs (+ cardio)

Day 2: Shoulders, biceps, triceps (+ cardio)

Day 3: Cardio only

Day 3 is supposed to be legs and butt day but I think my legs and butt are toning up just fine with cardio only, for now anyway. I might, in the future, consider squats, deadlifts and lunges but not at this point in time.

And after Day 3, the cycle repeat (with Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3).

So today was Day 1!

Summing things up, at the gym today, I did:

1. 30 minutes low intensity cardio at speeds 8.5, 9.0 and 9.8 (3×10 minutes).


2. Back, chest and abs. To see my exercises, download the exercise guide below.

==> Day 1 Exercise Guide (PDF)

Credits to Bodybuilding.com where the pictures were taken from to create the guide. The exercises in the guide follow the workout routine of Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact for Women but it has been slightly adapted because for some reason, the cable rowing machine is ALWAYS taken in my gym (so I’m doing dumbbell rows instead). Also, I modified the cardio part based on what I know works best for me. If you can afford to, I strongly recommend that you get the actual Visual Impact course. It’s got so much information about cardio, dieting challenges and dieting myths and weight training for women. You won’t regret that purchase.

I do 4 sets of 5 reps on all exercises, except the leg raises, where I do 4 sets of 10 reps (and also the planks, but that’s mentioned in the guide).

As for what weights you’ll be using, you’ll have to experiment a little bit in the 1st week of doing this program. I’m starting with 5kg. Basically, pick a weight that allows you to perform 5 reps on all 4 sets. You shouldn’t really go to failure on these; always have 1 – 2 reps “in the tank” (extra reps that you could probably do, but don’t). Don’t go too light either; it should still be challenging!

P.S. The downloadable guide was put together by Vimal and it was meant to help me with my exercises. So it’s got loads of helpful tips. The guy’s amazing, isn’t he?

3. 10 minutes high intensity interval cardio at speeds 5.7 (walking speed) and 11.0-12.0 (sprinting speed).


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